Since the gazetteer was completed for publication in early April 2011, several new paths have come to light, as well as extensions to several existing paths. These have all been added to both the online gazetteer (available as an exclusive benefit to paid up members of Railway Ramblers) and the 'origination' of the printed version, on the assumption that there may in time be a second edition. Readers and club members have been most helpful in providing further details – thank you all.


Very few mistakes have come to light so far, and all but one of these is very minor. Hopefully, few more errors will be found, since the content of the gazetteer was checked very thoroughly, several times over. The following corrections have already been implemented in the revised reprint which was published in July 2011:

  • Colour Plate 4. Revise caption. The Italianate station at Alton, Staffordshire, is now believed to have been designed by H.A. Hunt of the North Staffordshire Railway. Augustus Pugin re-constructed nearby Alton Castle.
  • Page 72. Revise the entry for St. Austell to Pentewan. This railway path is part of NCN3, not NCN4.
  • Page 80. Delete the entry for Greenshaw Plain to Langley, Northumberland. There is no public access to this route. (This was an error of interpretation: a correspondent described this as a 'popular walk' but did not make clear that it was popular and had been walked only because a number of groups had taken the trouble to contact the private landowners and obtain permission for their visits.)
  • Page 83. Revise the entry for Coalport to Ironbridge, Shropshire. The uneven surface at Jackfield is the result of the unstable geology of the Severn Valley rather than past mining activity, as reported in a local book.

These corrections are yet to be implemented, but have been noted for inclusion in a possible second edition of the book:

  • Page 33. Revise the entry for Hadfield to Woodhead. the Woodhead route was electrified at 1,500V and not 750V.
  • Pages 104-105. Revise the entry for Chippenham to Calne. This railway path crosses the A4 and not the M4.
  • Page 149. Revise the entry for the Swansea Bikepath Network. The abandoned section of line is the Central Wales line, not the Mid-Wales line (which ran from Talyllyn Junction, nr. Brecon, to Llanidloes).