The Annual General Meeting of Railway Ramblers is held on the Saturday falling between 16th and 22nd May each year – an arrangement which enables the club's area groups to work out in advance when the AGM will take place, and avoid planning walks and other events which will clash with it. Usually, each AGM is held in a different city or town around the country, and always at a venue which can be reached easily by public transport.

The AGM provides an opportunity for members around the UK to meet socially, discuss the previous year's activities, and have their say in the running of the club. The following arrangements are normally made:

  • Saturday: A morning walk or visit of railway interest, followed by lunch and the formal business of the AGM in the afternoon.
  • Sunday: The 'AGM Walk' – a full day's railway ramble in the AGM area, with an option to finish at lunchtime for those who have a long journey home.
  • Monday: A second full day's railway ramble in the AGM area, again with an option to finish at lunchtime. (This third day was introduced for those members who wanted to make a long weekend of it.)

A lot of planning goes into each year's AGM, with the walks and visits not normally being ones that are available to the general public. For example, they might feature behind-the-scenes visits to museums, or specially arranged walks over privately owned land.

A summary of the minutes of each AGM is published in the club's quarterly magazine, with the full minutes and appendices appearing in PDF form via the links here, here and here. Note that the PDF file excludes the club's accounts, which are available to members only via our Accounts page.

The procedings of each AGM are based on the following standard agenda:

  • Sederunt: members arrive and take their seats
  • Members in Attendance: the Secretary compiles a list of members attending
  • Apologies for Absence
  • Minutes of the Previous AGM
  • Matters Arising from the Minutes
  • Reports from Elected Officers
  • Subscription and Capitation Rates
  • Appointment of Accounts Examiner
  • Footpath Fund: past and proposed grants / disbursements
  • Reports from Area Groups
  • Changes to Constitution (if any)
  • Members' Motions (submitted in advance)
  • Election of Officers
  • Date and Venue of Next AGM
  • Any other Business
The minutes are published under the above section headings, and include various appendices such as the Accounts for the previous year, the Membership Secretary's Report, and the Webmaster's Report.