Site Search. Members asked for a search feature to be added to our site, and we settled on the free service offered by Freefind. It's very easy to use – just enter your search term(s) in the text box below, and then either click the 'Find' button or press the Enter key.

Site Map and Advanced Search. If you want to see how this site is organised, click the 'Site Map' button – that's the white one below, and not the yellow one to the left. Freefind imposes an upper limit on site map size (recently reduced still further), so our huge site just won't fit. Other features on the Site Map page are the powerful Advanced Search and the site Index, which provides an alphabetical index to all that we've published, starting with a list of A roads. We cannot imagine anyone coming to our site to look up information like that, but, when you've got an automated indexing feature, it indexes absolutely everything.

Results. The results of both the search and site map are displayed in this window. To return to this page, just click again on 'Search' or 'Site Map' on the main menu, or use the 'Back' button in your browser.

Why Freefind? In our tests, we found Freefind to be the best-performing free site search by far. Its range of features is impressive and includes customising (so that the search engine has the same look and feel as the rest of our site), 'on demand' re-indexing (handy after new content has been added), and some helpful management reports. We can even get Freefind to treat our site as a series of separate search areas – something to experiment with in the future, perhaps, so that members can search the news pages and photo galleries separately. Other search engines that we tested didn't come up to the same standard.