Covid-19 Update (Sep 2020)


Some areas are making a tentative resumption of activities and these are listed in the latest edition of the magazine. Should there be no events listed in your area, please do not chase up your area organiser as publicity will be issued where events have been arranged and it is possible that not all areas are in a position to resume imminently.

All events are subject to change depending on how the Covid situation develops and the government’s recommended measures and responses. Should you wish to attend an event, you MUST book your place as soon as possible as numbers will be limited and also contact the walk leader or area organiser to confirm details a week or so before the date.

Although, as always, support for RR events is welcomed, the club is aware that many members will not feel ready to head out for events, and that any events listed are not ‘one-off’ opportunities to view or explore normally private land. Such events will not take place in current circumstances.

Take care and stay safe, everyone.

25th Sep 2020