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All our events have been suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Click on the link below to read our latest statement.

Covid-19 Update

The club's magazine, 'Railway Ramblings

The club’s magazine, ‘Railway Ramblings’, is published quarterly, usually in March, June, September and December. (Cover photograph by Jane Ellis)

The news that we receive concerning abandoned railways is published first in our quarterly magazine, so that our members benefit first. However, after each publication, a selection of main news stories is then published here.  Prior to 1st June 2020, we used to publish news on this website first; see below for the links.  The first bulk publication of news cascaded from our magazine will appear here in October, after members have received their copies of the Autumn edition.

The extent to which old railways remain in the news may come as a surprise, but we think this reflects a national sense that past governments went overboard with railway closures. Nowadays, national government, local government and local communities are all interested in undoing the damage, whether by re-opening lost lines, or putting them to constructive new use. However, as observed elsewhere on this site, railway re-opening proposals face the difficulty that Victorian engineering standards fall far short of their modern counterparts, e.g. in the slopes permitted on the sides of embankments and cuttings. Even proposals for rail trails face the difficulty that most former railway land is now privately owned.

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