RR Photo Gallery – old

The club’s previous website (2000-2020) was launched with a small photo gallery of half a dozen pages, which were intended to give visitors an idea of both club activities and the wide range of railway relics which survive around the country. Members latched on to this and collectively submitted over 1,000 photographs from both individual and club walks, making this area a photographic record of 20 years of club explorations.

Due to the spontaneous way in which this resource evolved, the photographs could be better organised, but our then Webmaster soon realised that visitors would find them more meaningful if he grouped them by subject, e.g. to encourage personal visits. As a result, you will find here many collections of 8-40 photographs each, covering subjects such as the heavily engineered railways of the Clydach Valley in South Wales, the lost lines of Liverpool, the abandoned semi-underground railways of Glasgow, etc. As with our ‘RR Wiki’, this area can be searched using the related search engine. The captions to the photographs were well-researched, and became better and better over time.

Please note that these resources work correctly on a laptop or desktop computer, but were not designed for use on a mobile phone or tablet.

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