The Aims of the club are:

  • To encourage interest in disused railways and tramways throughout the UK and beyond.
  • To organise club-led walks that visit and explore disused railways and other transport infrastructure.
  • To publicise the history and current news & events relating to former railways and railway structures via the Club’s magazines, walks supplements, area newsletters, website, and social media.
  • To support other organisations and projects that conserve, actively maintain or promote the use or re-purposing of disused railway lines and structures
  • To support groups that campaign to preserve the nation’s heritage of former railway lines for future generations and highlight any action that could hinder their existing or future use as public footpaths or shared use paths.
  • To promote former lines as national assets that are freely accessible to everyone and encourage healthy living activities such as walking and cycling in safe, car-free environments, many of which are home to an array of wildlife and plant life.

These Aims were last revised and agreed at the AGM 2022