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Oct 2021 – RR Tour visit to Catesby Tunnel

Posted: 17th Oct 2021

A private tour of Catesby Tunnel by RR took place on 9th October. See More»

Oct 2021 – Railway Ramblers AGM Weekend, Winchester

Posted: 12th Oct 2021

A brief summary of the programme See More»

Oct 2021 – MP intervenes as bridge scheme descends into “farce”

Posted: 12th Oct 2021

HRE Group highlighting concerns over plans to bury a historic bridge in a thousand tonnes of aggregate and concrete, blocking a wildlife corridor. See More»

Oct 2021 – Rob Bell – Walking Britain’s Lost Railways

Posted: 11th Oct 2021

Another new series presented by Rob Bell, this time concentrating on Yorkshire lines See More»

Oct 2021 – Jeff Vinter; 38 years of service to RR

Posted: 6th Oct 2021

RR Chairman Mark Jones makes presentation See More»

Oct 2021 – “Wrecking-ball act” threatens future of historic bridge

Posted: 5th Oct 2021

HRE Group highlighting concerns over the infill of a historic railway bridge within a conservation area See More»

Oct 2021 – Queensbury Tunnel Update

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

Link to BBC article with comments from Jeff Vinter and Mark Jones See More»

Volunteers for a clearance at Worthy Down Station (nr Winchester) on 17th Oct 2021

Posted: 4th Oct 2021

This sign is posted at Worthy Down Station See More»

Sep 2021 – Are you aware of any plans for the 102 structures threatened with infilling?

Posted: 22nd Sep 2021

We quickly need to identify all proposed projects which are reliant on the retention of any of the 102 structures on the National Highways list which are ‘on pause’ but threatened with infilling. See More»

Charity walk along the Tissington Trail

Posted: 22nd Sep 2021

This is organised by Rail Aid, taking place on 16th October See More»

Sep 2021 – National Highways: “existential threat” to legacy rail structures

Posted: 9th Sep 2021

HRE Group highlighting concerns that infilling work is expected to resume in the autumn. See More»

Aug 2021 – Highways England suspension of bridge infilling

Posted: 25th Aug 2021

A brief summary of the latest HE position and what it may mean See More»

August 2021 – RR Chairman, Mark Jones, in Limerick

Posted: 16th Aug 2021

Mark’s visit to the west of Ireland is reported in the local paper! See More»

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