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Gorseddau Tramway in Wales

Not all old railways are flat, the Gorseddau Tramway in Wales being a case in point: its gradient reaches 1 in 23, but even steeper is the short inclined plane which makes the final approach to Gorseddau Quarry. Members are seen here on a glorious October day on the ledge for the trackbed beneath the so-called ‘wailing wall’, which overhangs the tramway at an angle of 45 degrees. This was built at great expense from huge stone blocks to prevent slate waste engulfing the running line. (Jane Ellis)

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An Author’s View

‘Old railways provide uniquely fascinating routes through both town and country, but they remain man-made, artificial routes. Almost inevitably, one finds questions coming to mind – why does the line go this way rather than that? who travelled this route and why? and what sort of machines were in use? The more you think you know, the more the questions multiply and the more fascinating the whole exercise becomes – and I use the word “exercise” deliberately for, if railway walking does nothing else, it does get us out of the dusty archives and into the open air.’ (Anthony Burton, Walking the Line, Blandford Press, 1985)