Website Credits

The view from the home office window

The view from the home office window in rural Mid Devon where the text of this website was written. It helped! (Jeff Vinter)

Who Did What

Others will take this website into the future and on to higher levels, but the following developed the initial version, contributing as follows:

  • Alan Green moved us away from our legacy system and developed early prototypes which helped to shape the general look and feel of this site.
  • Graham Howe put all the bits together and made the darned thing work!
  • Jeff Vinter wrote the text and did the testing.
  • Jane Ellis helped with the proof reading.
  • Bill Jagger helped with the difficult account of Dr Richard Beeching’s activities in ‘re-shaping’ British Railways.
  • Various members contributed photographs and are acknowledged in the respective captions.

A project like this is always a collective effort, and we have set up this page so that those who make significant contributions in future can be acknowledged, as they deserve.

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