Apr 2020 – Whitby to Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Scarborough Council is to receive a combined grant of £583,000 for improvements to the surface of the popular ‘Cinder Track’ on the 4 mile section form Burniston to Scarborough. The council announced that its planned work will ‘vastly improve users’ access and experience, promote environmentally sustainable methods of travel, facilitate active lifestyles and help to support wildlife’. Much of the grant is being channelled through Sustrans, the national cycling charity, by the Department for Transport, following a similar project earlier this year to improve the Whitby-Hawsker section of this old railway. The council has an over-arching ‘Restoration Plan’ for the whole 21½ miles of the trail, which – like many other rail trails in the UK – has become so popular that its surface has worn out. Sustrans does not have grant-awarding powers because its only source of regular income is what it receives from the regular, voluntary giving of its supporters. (Jane Ellis)

Comment: It is good to see the DfT provide funds for a transport route created exclusively for walkers and cyclists. Can we hope that, in the near future, people might view it as rather more than just the Department for Internal Combustion? (Webmaster)