April 2022. Great Musgrave, Cumbria.

Regular readers will be aware that last year National Highways (NH) ‘temporarily infilled’ a bridge in the village which lies between two heritage railways that hope, eventually, to join up. Graeme Bickerdike, a member of The HRE Group which is trying to halt a nationwide infilling and demolition programme of legacy rail structures, said: ‘National Highways contrived an alternative reality at Great Musgrave whereby a bridge that was in good condition became a threat to public safety. But the claim that it might fail and collapse was not supported by any evidence.’ RR Chairman, Mark Jones, has lodged an objection to the infilling of the bridge on behalf of the Club. Although NH have made a public commitment to remove the infill if it is the last obstruction to the railways’ reconnection, campaigners are wary of trusting such a promise given that the company infilled the bridge without informing anyone in the first place. It also needs to be said that there is little realistic prospect of the two railways linking up for many decades to come. (HRE, RR)