Aug 2022 – Pudsey, Lancashire.

An RR walk in May tracing the former line from Laisterdyke to Pudsey Lowtown revealed that for most of its course – from Dick Lane in Laisterdyke to the site of Tyersal Junction (and from there and Cutlers Junction towards Dudley Hill) – is filled-in cuttings with just bridge parapets visible as ground level walls, but left as grassed areas through where new housing is now being built. East from Tyersal Jn a section of embankment is inaccessible within private farmland, but then from a missing bridge over Tyersal Lane at Black Hey Farm (GF SE207325) to the west portal of Greenside Tunnel (SE213326) is walkable on a high embankment. Posters on this section reveal that there is a Greenside Greenway Group actively campaigning to retain the de facto path as a public right of way, but also that the formation is part of open land now put up for sale by the Ogden Group, so access is likely to be closed off by any new owner. The Greenway group is seeking to convince Leeds Council of the established use of the present pedestrian route along the embankment, and also of the case for retention, with potential as a footpath and cycleway if Greenside Tunnel were used. This is technically possible as it is still intact and only gated at each end. This in turn would lead into the existing walkable route through the built-up area of Pudsey to Lowtown. Members may wish to support the campaign via (Gas Hill)