Aug 2022 – Rugby to Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Sustrans’ much-heralded ‘Lias Line Greenway’ between these two towns has opened, but it should be pointed out that, so far, it only uses three short sections of disused railway: the long existing Offchurch Greenway at its southern end, a brief trackbed visit near Long Itchington, and a section between Birdingbury and Draycote. (Further sections are walkable, though.) There are further phases to come, of course, including the route past Stockton Reservoir, and a bridge (being built by HS2) over the Fosse Way which will give a traffic-free connection to the Offchurch Greenway to the south. It remains to be seen whether the route will connect north to the Cawston Greenway, which also uses part of the Rugby – Leamington line. NCN 41 avoids this and takes a most circuitous route to get into Rugby. (RR)