Dec 2021 – Rainford Junction to Rainford (Rookery Lane), Lancashire (Merseyside).

Open to cyclists, walkers, wheelchairs, pushchairs, etc., this trail of 1¾ miles runs from grid refence SD 477025 to SD 486002. The walk is branded ‘Rainford Linear Park’, and passes through woodland managed by St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council. The trail starts within a few yards of Rainford Station, and originally formed part of the LNWR’s line from Rainford to St Helens Central. At the Rookery Lane end, a public footpath starting at SD 485001 enables one to continue past Rainford Industrial Estate to Mill Lane (SJ 491 995), but not on the trackbed. One of the access points looks like a very tight fit for wheelchairs. (Keith Holliday; Jeff Vinter)