Gallery – Gem viaduct under construction

These pictures below show Gem viaduct in Dartmoor under construction. It was opened officially in 2012.

This was the scene at the site of the new Gem Bridge in January 2011. The slope down from the trackbed (constructed by DCC) can be clearly seen, as can the temporary, low level bridge over the River Walkham. (Neil Wester)
One of the piers of the new Gem Bridge, showing their slender, middle-tapered design.2011 (Bob Spalding)
A view through the safety fence at the construction site reeveals that the new viaduct will stand on at least three piers. In the foreground, the first span has been fitted into place; the rail trail now runs on top of the girder section. 2011 (Bob Spalding)
An impressive view of the new viaduct taking shape from just above the level of the River Walkham. 2011 (Bob Spalding)
By January 2012, the new viaduct was beginning to take shape. (Neil Wester)
The view in May 2012 – the Gem Bridge is now complete and ready for service. It is a little lower than the original viaduct, a design decision which no doubt reduced the costs slightly. (Neil Wester)
Gem Bridge viewed from the bank of the River Walkham. 2012 (Bob Spalding)