Gallery Group – Isle of Man

Ballaugh goods shed on the Isle of Man was opened officially in 2014 after restoration as a heritage centre. The former railway ran across the front of the picture, from left to right. 2014 (Neil Hebborn)
This is a typical overbridge on the route, and its diminutive proportions reflect the Isle of Man Railway’s 3 ft. gauge. 2014 (Neil Hebborn)
Kirk Michael station was once a popular destination for visitors to the nearby Glen Wyllin Pleasure Grounds; it now serves as the local fire station. 2014 (Neil Hebborn)
This overbridge carries the main A4 road across the trackbed for a second time, here at Ooig Mooar. In reality, this bridge is now a tunnel with a corrugated metal liner, although this is undoubtedly a ‘re-construction’ from the earlier overbridge structure. 2014 (Neil Hebborn)
Parallel river bridges west of St John’s. The bridge on the left carried the old Ramsey line, which is slightly higher at this point since it is coming down off an embankment. The bridge on the right carried the Peel to Douglas line. 2014 (Robin Summerhill)
This is Union Mills, the first station on the closed line from Douglas to St. John’s and Peel. The rail vehicle in the middle of the picture is the railway’s old breakdown crane, which was placed here on a panel of track when the island’s rail trails were developed. 2014 (Robin Summerhill)
This photograph shows Mill Road level crossing, Peel, at the western end of the Peel line. 2014 (Robin Summerhill)
North of St. Germains, the old line runs above the cliffs on the west side of the island seen here in the vicinity of the short-lived halt at Gob y Deigan. July 2014 (Robin Summerhill)
Climbing out of the glen on the east side of Glen Wyllin, the piers of the viaduct are still clearly visible, although the further one is now cloaked in ivy. July 2014 (Robin Summerhill)
Glen Wyllin Viaduct in better days. Note how far the ivy has climbed up the pier on the right, and compare with the photograph above. Ex-County Donegal Railway diesel railcars number 19 and 20 cross the viaduct with a service to Ramsey. August 1964. (Dr. Neil Clifton, used under the terms of licence.