Gallery Group – Yorkshire

Thornton Viaduct near Keighley in west Yorkshire, situated on the former line from Keighley to Queensbury. (Graeme Bickerdike)
Thurgoland Tunnel on the former Great Central line from Penistone to Wortley Junction – now part of NCN6, the Trans Pennine Trail (Richard Lewis)
The western end of Earlsheaton Tunnel (Peter Martin)
The eastern portal of Earlsheaton Tunnel (Peter Martin)
Looking along the former railway alignment towards the western portal of Earlsheaton Tunnel. The line used to cross the road on a bridge at this point. To achieve a crossing on the level, the road has been raised to minimise the descent of the realigned path from trackbed level. (Peter Martin)
A view along the greenway towards the eastern portal of Earlsheaton Tunnel (Peter Martin)