Please help the HRE Group…

The HRE Group is compiling an inventory of the 134 or so bridges that are deemed “At Risk” of Highways England’s current policy. One of our RR members, Matt Skidmore, is working on the inventory and is seeking local knowledge and assistance from our national membership. Each bridge/structure is to be given a score between 0-3, to ascertain its potential reuse for future transport corridors, be it cycling, walking, heritage rail or national rail.

0 – No realistic value at all, the immediate alignment is blocked.
1 – The structure has no obvious value but alignment to both sides remains clear.
2 – The structure has potential perhaps being close to the end of a heritage line or there has been expressions of interest within the community for a greenway, but nothing has been formally proposed or is developing.
3 – The structure has a proposal for reuse on either a reopened national rail/heritage line or greenway for walking and cycling.

The HRE Group have filled in as much detail as they can so far. However, they are always in need of UK-wide intelligence of proposed and planned cycle and walking paths around the country that might be threatened by the proposed HRE infilling and demolition.

Click here to link to the google map of affected structures: Map of at Risk Structures Name

If RR members could take a look at the map and identify any planned rail trails or rail trail extensions which are in the pipeline that are affected by any of Highways England’s proposed infill and demolition projects, that would be extremely helpful. Such information may be gleaned from various sources, including local councils, Sustrans, community groups, cycling groups etc.

These would be either
1. Aspirational routes
2. Routes with initial backing from various stakeholders
3. Routes that are fully funded and ‘shovel ready’

HRE Group want to know about them! Please highlight the name of the route and the name of the bridge affected and contacting Matt Skidmore – either by email to or call on 07553 052183.

Note The HRE Group have a petition called ‘Protect our railway heritage from Highways England’s wrecking ball.’ on the website. You can find the link below: