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HRE Group

The HRE Group is an alliance of walking, cycling and heritage campaigners, civil engineers and greenway developers acting to safeguard threatened disused railway structures. Highways England, acting for the Department for Transport, has plans to demolish or infill hundreds of structures, compromising future greenway schemes by blocking or severing the routes they span or carry.

This RR page is dedicated to the Press Releases and associated articles issued by the HRE Group.

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Oct 2021 – Locals furious as bridge scheme prompts unauthorised tree-felling

Posted: 27th Oct 2021

HRE Group report on National Highways contractor who, according to a landowner, entered their property and cut down trees without permission to make way for a bridge demolition. See More»

Oct 2021 – MP intervenes as bridge scheme descends into “farce”

Posted: 12th Oct 2021

HRE Group highlighting concerns over plans to bury a historic bridge in a thousand tonnes of aggregate and concrete, blocking a wildlife corridor. See More»

Oct 2021 – “Wrecking-ball act” threatens future of historic bridge

Posted: 5th Oct 2021

HRE Group highlighting concerns over the infill of a historic railway bridge within a conservation area See More»

Sep 2021 – National Highways: “existential threat” to legacy rail structures

Posted: 9th Sep 2021

HRE Group highlighting concerns that infilling work is expected to resume in the autumn. See More»

Aug 2021 – Highways England acting like “cowboys and bullies” over bridge scheme

Posted: 9th Aug 2021

A fortnight after the announcement that the infilling programme would be ‘paused’ (i.e. not stopped), The HRE Group identifies more imminent infillings See More»

Jul 2021 – Government pauses bridge infilling schemes

Posted: 30th Jul 2021

Encouraging news as the Government published a progress report, Gear Change: One Year On, which reviews efforts to encourage and facilitate safe walking and cycling. See More»

Pressure mounts on Highways England as councils push back against bridge “vandalism”

Posted: 22nd Jul 2021

.Council officials have told Highways England that it must seek retrospective planning permission after infilling a Victorian bridge which two heritage railways need for a connecting line between their operations. See More»

Minister condemned over “embarrassing” bridge deceit

Posted: 21st Jul 2021

Press Release from HRE Group regarding Highways England’s infilling and demolition of historic railway structures See More»

Scottish bridges under threat after council’s “planning blunder”

Posted: 7th Jul 2021

PRESS RELEASE FROM HRE GROUP. Campaigners have called on Dumfries & Galloway Council to take urgent action after a “perverse decision” by planners threatened to make the proposed reopening of a railway more difficult and costly. See More»

HRE Group featured on Jeremy Vine’s BBC show and in The Times…

Posted: 5th Jul 2021

The HRE Group has had great success gaining further publicity and raising awareness of the destruction/infilling activities of Highway England in the mainstream media this week. See More»

Highways England slammed over bridge “preservation” claim

Posted: 29th Jun 2021

PRESS RELEASE FROM HRE GROUP: Campaigners have expressed their disbelief after Highways England claimed to have “preserved” a Victorian railway bridge by burying it within hundreds of tonnes of aggregate and concrete. See More»

10th Jun 2021 – Latest press release from HRE Group on the infilling of Great Musgrave bridge in Cumbria

Posted: 10th Jun 2021

A summary of the latest situation and photographs as infill work progresses See More»

**Updated 3rd Jun – May 2021 – Cumbrian railways unite against “destructive” bridge scheme

Posted: 1st Jun 2021

Article updated with council's response to HRE intention to infill the bridge and a follow up letter from the HRE Group to the Chair of the Transport Committee See More»

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