Interested in 5 days Railway Rambling in Donegal in September?

Plans are in place for a Railway Ramblers trip for walks along part of ‘The Swilly’ in the scenic County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland over 5 days in September 2022.

All walks have been chosen from the excellent book – Off The Beaten Track: Irish Railway Walks by Kevin Cronin.

The walk in Kevin’s book takes place over 4 days, however to cater for all levels of fitness within the club the walks each day will be a more comfortable 6 to 8 miles, allowing time to take in the scenery and railway remains at a more leisurely pace. All the walks start from Letterkenny which is the base for overnight accommodation. Burtonport on the Atlantic Coast is the intended finish point.

As with all RR holidays, any member joining may take part in as many walks as they wish.

Its planned to use a car shuffle for each walk so there will also be the opportunity to drop out on a walk if anyone feels the need to with the confidence that you will be picked up at the end of the walking day. 

Click here and use the Enquire feature on the Club-led walks page for more information about becoming a member of Railway Ramblers or to register your interest

Click on the map below for a link to the history of the Swilly in Wikipedia:Image: The Railway Magazine