Jan 2020 – Newquay to Perranporth, Cornwall

A plan for a new cycle trail from Newquay to Perranporth, largely using the trackbed of the former Newquay-Chacewater railway line, has been developed by Cornwall Council. This was voted on at a meeting at County Hall on 21st January. (We do not yet know the result, but have asked Cornwall Council to inform us.) A separate traffic-free route has been designed from St. Agnes to Truro, although the council’s mapping does not make it clear whether or not this will use more of the old branch line. A summary of the council’s plans can be viewed by clicking the link here; collectively, the four routes shown at this link will be known as the ‘Saints Trails’. The majority of the funding will come from Highways England, with Cornwall Council making a local contribution. The Newquay-Perranporth route also has a Facebook supporters’ group, which can be found here. (Jeff Vinter)