Jan 2022 – Ashbury, Devon.

The Pegasus Way is a 15-mile route between Meldon and Cookworthy, much of which uses the former railway line from Meldon Junction to Bude (via Halwill Junction). It will eventually link the Granite Way (Okehampton – Lydford) with the Ruby Way (Hatherleigh – Bude). The rail-related sections run from East Bowerland, near Meldon, to Venn Down Gates and on almost as far as Ashbury station, and from just north of Halwill Junction to Cookworthy respectively. The recently extended Ashbury section comes off the trackbed 250 yards before reaching the station site, which can be viewed from the nearby bridge. An unusual survivor is the flight of steps leading to the up platform, which continue to provide access. The goods shed is also extant, and was advertised for sale recently along with ‘a hundred yards of track’. Among a plethora of scattered vehicles at the property was a London double-decker Routemaster bus. (James Winstanley; RR)