July 2021 – Three Bridges to East Grinstead (The Worth Way), West Sussex.

The official NCN21 in Worth comes off at Church Road but the footpath further along the railway cutting is clearly signed to the wooden steps at the Salehurst Road & Saxon Road point. The trouble is that this last section has been allowed to deteriorate with fallen trees (which the nimble and able can just about get under) and now has dense undergrowth. The cynical would say that it is all rather convenient so that West Sussex County Council can close off this last section and direct all walkers via NCN21. However, in a subsequent contact, the Council has confirmed that the footpath will be restored to enable access as soon as possible.

Rowfant station is now in a sorry state of repair – neglected and covered in vegetation. How convenient for Colas Ltd (owners of the road making depot site) if it were considered ‘dangerous’ and had to be demolished. Whilst an attractive and somewhat unique building (opened in 1855 for exclusive use of the owner of Rowfant Estate, on request) it is, surprisingly, not listed. Representations have now been made to Historic England to see if they are prepared to list the structure, before it falls into irremediable disrepair. Our correspondent has completed an application to have the station building listed and awaits a response. (Chris Witt)