Jun 2020 – St. Margaret’s Loop, East Grinstead, East Sussex

East Grinstead Town Council is to acquire the trackbed of this abandoned railway from Railway Paths Ltd in order to implement its plan to develop a walkway and cycle trail over the route. It is too early to say when this will happen, especially in the current circumstances, but Sussex-based members might like to keep an eye on the local press and alert us when an announcement is made. The new trail will provide a feeder route to the Worth Way, just west of East Grinstead Station. St. Margaret’s Loop is just over half a mile long and once provided a London-facing connection between the two railway lines that crossed at East Grinstead, i.e. Three Bridges-East Grinstead-Tunbridge Wells and London-East Grinstead-Lewes-Brighton. (James Winstanley)