Mar 2020 – Nr. Harrow & Wealdstone station to Belmont, Greater London

Given the understandable scarcity of railway paths in London, our correspondent felt that this one deserved a mention. Now known as the Belmont Trail, it is the result of a scheme launched by the London Wildlife Trust to re-open part of the old Stanmore branch line as a railway path. Recently, the route has been ‘refreshed’ and waymarked to make it more appealing to both walkers and cyclists. At 1¼ miles, it is not particularly demanding, but would make a pleasant out-and-back Sunday afternoon stroll during the colder months. The trail can be picked up at grid reference TQ 167909, which is at the south-east corner of Stanmore Golf Club and just west of Wemborough Road, the latter providing access for walkers and cyclists. Heading south, the car park which occupies the trackbed at TQ 165905 is the site of the sole intermediate station, Belmont; the low height of the nearby bridge reveals that no small amount of trackbed infilling has gone on here. The following section is rather a squeeze past back gardens which have encroached on to the trackbed, but things widen out as the trail approaches Wealdstone Cemetery. Along this section, a few railway relics remain, including a gradient post and a ¾ milepost. After the cemetery, the trail rises on a tall embankment as it approaches Harrow & Wealdstone station, but stops short at Forward Drive / Christchurch Avenue (TQ 161893), where steps take one down to street level. Given time and the inclination, a section of the former branch platform can be found at the nearby main line station. (Keith Holliday and Jeff Vinter)