May 2022 – Creating digital trails of former railway lines in the East Midlands

A project called Mine2Minds is putting a funding bid together for Historic England’s ‘Celebrating Working Class Lives’ Initiative.  The Landscape Trails of Coal and Rails is a digital arts, heritage and cultural project based on former coalmining sites / memorials in the East Midlands and the railways that linked them. Railway Ramblers are supporting the funding bid.

Many of the former colliery sites are now country parks and nature sites with the railway lines once connected to them becoming footpaths, cycle ways and bridleways. The Landscape Trails project aims to engage people on-line, on site with these former industrial sites and byways via a series of digital trails based on local connections to the arts, heritage, culture and folklore.

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Digital ImageLandscape Trails of Coal and Rails, taking industrial heritage on site into the digital age. Photo Credit: MuBu Miner
Digital ImageRail remains and concrete base of the Silverhill Colliery Rapid Loading Bunker as part of the trails at Silverhill Woods, near Teversal, Nottinghamshire. Photo Credit: MuBu Miner