Apr 2020 – Nationwide

Despite the good news reported in the story below, most railway path developments are currently on hold due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, including two big projects being managed by Railway Paths Ltd – the restoration of Bennerley Viaduct as an aerial walkway and visitor attraction, and the basic restoration of the GCR’s gothic-styled Levenshulme South station prior to a community group developing it as a new community centre. The sensible expectation is that the delay in project completion will be approximately equal to the number of weeks that the building industry is suspended. Of rather greater concern is the question, ‘How will the pandemic affect project costs?’, because projects like these have fixed budgets. When Covid-19 is behind us, the government will want to get both the nation and the economy working again. No useful purpose will be served by leaving this work in abeyance, so let us hope that ways will be found to complete it. (Jeff Vinter)