Nov 2020 – Blandford Forum, Dorset

The Pines Express, the bulletin of the Somerset & Dorset Trust, has reported on the opening to the public of the Blandford Arches. Kevin Mitchell writes: ‘The Blandford Arches Railway Trust has carried out improvement work to the remains of Bridge 198 across the River Stour immediately south of (the site of) Blandford Forum station. The viaduct was originally built during 1862-63 for single track and consisted of a pair of flood arches on the meadows either side of the river joined by a lattice girder span. Bridge 198 was rebuilt for double track around 1900.’ The northern arches are all that is left after other sections were removed when Blandford bypass was built in the 1980s. A metal staircase has been provided, giving access to the trackbed on top of the arches, and the brick parapets have been renovated. (Ivor Sutton, Pines Express)