Nov 2022 – Bridges.

Two more bridges that have been infilled by National Highways may yet go the way of Great Musgrave, with local councils requiring the infill to be removed so as to open up the trackbeds for leisure routes. The dismantled railway under Congham Road bridge near King’s Lynn was one of several identified in Norfolk County Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy as having the potential for reuse as part of a network of active travel paths, but National Highways blocked the route by infilling the structure during March and April 2021 at a cost of £127K, claiming that it presented “an ongoing and increasing risk to public safety”. A cycle path has already been laid along a section of the former Wetherby-Tadcaster railway in West Yorkshire and an ambition to complete a link between the two towns is still being pursued. However, £133K was spent infilling Rudgate Road bridge – close to the current end of the path – in the spring of 2021. Selby District Council has now appointed an enforcement officer to consider the Rudgate Road infill. (HRE Group)