RR Magazine Autumn 2020 – Out Now

The Autumn edition of the Club Magazine – Railway Ramblings – has been published. Join Railway Ramblers now to receive your copy. Membership is just £10 per year!

The magazine is published each quarter and sent to every member. The Winter edition will be published and distributed in early December.

The Autumn issue contains 48 pages and includes the Editorial and Notes from the Chairman regarding club activities in these unprecedented times. The magazine also contains regular features such as Club and National News, Walk Details, Mystery Location and many more – including some highlights outlined below.


There are letters to the Editor on a variety of subjects. These include a request from the Publicity Officer for the Colonel Stephens Society, suggestions for contributions for the ‘oldest surviving piece of railway architecture’ as a follow on to a recent RR News Item, a couple of ideas for improvements to walk descriptions in the magazine and recollections of Gosport.


This quarter’s articles include recollections from the 1960s of disused railways for future rambling, a discussion on road signs to long-gone stations or settlements that grew up around them. There is also an article outlining the possible future for Vinter’s Railway Gazetteer and ways in which members may volunteer and assist in its future.

Former Station Sites

The station at Spey Bay, Moray is the subject for this edition. The station opened in the late nineteenth century on the Great North of Scotland Railway, although it wasn’t until 1918 that the name Spey Bay was adopted. The station finally closed in 1968. The article outlines the history of the line and station and a picture from a recent club visit.