Sep 2020 – Gedling, Nottinghamshire.

The former railway mineral line from Netherfield to Gedling Colliery (now Gedling Country Park) has been designated as a potential cycle and walking route in the local council’s development plan. Tracing further back, the line was part of the Great Northern Railway extension from Derby which takes a circular route around the north of Nottingham. Initial work has been carried out to see if the two-mile route is feasible. The findings from the study suggest that there are many benefits for residents if the route was to be created. The route could improve residents’ health and help improve connectivity within the borough and the city, whilst reducing car traffic. The greenway would connect six existing parks and open spaces along the route to help create a green network. However, the plan would require support from Nottinghamshire County Council, Network Rail and Nottingham City Council. There is also mention of utilising it as a possible tram route. The Colliery closed in 1991.  Reading responses to the reports on local media, the line has been fully fenced off for at least five years and is now significantly overgrown.  There also seems scepticism that the route is too peripheral and doesn’t cover sufficiently populated areas for it to be considered viable, and therefore reach construction stage. (Alan Green)