Jan 2020 – Southern Area members

Southern Area members have been asking our correspondent about the fate of the plaque commemorating the Surrey Iron Railway on the wall of the former Young’s brewery in Wandsworth. This extract from an article in the August/September edition of ‘London Drinker’ magazine (published by Camra) provides the answer: ‘The new Sambrook’s Brewery in Wandsworth will include a tap room that will be four times the size of the current tap in Battersea and be open seven days a week. There will also be a shop and visitors’ centre cum museum to showcase the unique historical character of this iconic brewing site. The old Young’s coppers will be retained as part of this experience, along with surviving iron and brickwork from the Surrey Iron Railway that was the first public railway in the world, sanctioned by Parliament in 1803. The new Sambrook’s tap and shop should be open before Christmas this year [2019], with the brewery becoming fully operational early in 2020.’ We do not know if the tap and shop have opened yet, but Sambrook’s brewing on Young’s old site is great news, and keeping the history of the Iron Railway is a very welcome development. (Keith Lawrie)