Sep 2021 – Are you aware of any plans for the 102 structures threatened with infilling?

We quickly need to identify all proposed projects which are reliant on the retention of any of the 102 structures on the National Highways list which are ‘on pause’ but threatened with infilling. The list is attached below.

A Review Panel is being set up by the DfT – and Sustrans have been given a brief to assesses these structures exclusively in terms of possible transport use.

With our national coverage and our club Aims, this is an opportunity for RR to make a real contribution to ensure Sustrans acquire all the relevant information for any plans for key structures. If we do that, we can hold our heads high when this review is over, whatever the outcome, because we contributed. Hopefully, the DfT will respect and act upon the advice of its Review Panel.

We must get the information to Sustrans by early October. You can email comments to We must be mindful that we are only looking for realistic projects (which preferably are planned by local authorities, or have an active community group supporting / working on them) for active travel routes, heritage railways extensions, or national rail re-openings.

The list is contained in the xls file that can be downloaded below (a PDF version is also available). For reference:
Column C (County) allows members to ‘zone in’ on their local county/counties.
Column H (Grid Ref 8 char) provides 6 digit grid references including the two grid-square letters.
Column I (Grid Ref 12) provides 10 digit grid references including the two grid-square letters.
Column J (URL for Street View) provides the URL for the Google Street View.