The Somerset & Dorset Railway South of Bath (continued). These pictures continue the photographic record started in Group 57 and take us on to Midsomer Norton.

Above: Heave ho! Just south of Tucking Mill Viaduct, the Sustrans rangers built up their muscles by helping 93 cyclists get their machines back on to the trackbed. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)

Above: 'Little Tunnel' or bridge no. 17 was situated just north of Midford station and alerted train crews after dark that the village station was imminent. Midford's good yard was to the north of this structure, its station to the south. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)
Left: Still bearing the signs of the cutter's torch which sliced it off at the base, the remains of Midford's lattice style home starter signal still nestle in the undergrowth. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)
Above: Midford station, looking north. Steps still lead up off the platform as a couple of cyclists head south towards Midford Viaduct, half way across which the double track section to Templecombe commenced. The station is now owned by the New Somerset & Dorset Railway, which has cleared the site of vegetation prior to re-constructing the buildings.. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)
Above: Shortly before reaching Wellow Viaduct, seen here, the cycle trail from Midford leaves the trackbed and follows the road into the village. It is hoped that, eventually, the viaduct can be incorporated into the route in order to avoid this section of road, which can be rather busy and entails quite a steep descent and ascent. However, all this is subject to negotiation – and finance – in the future. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)
Above: The purpose of the ride from Bath was to support the opening of a new section of the S&D between Radstock and Midsomer Norton. Here, cyclists can be seen gathering near Pit Road, Westfield, just before the official opening at 1 p.m. One of the speakers at this event was Michael Eavis of Glastonbury Festival fame, who told of his work as a coal miner in the area, brought about by his father's early death in 1958 and the need to earn supplementary income to augment that from the family farm. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)
Above: The cycle trail from Radstock currently ends in Silver Street, oppositive Midsomer Norton South station, seen here. The restored station is now the home of the Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust, which aims not only to reinstate the railway from here to Chilcompton, but also to construct an adjoining railway path. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)
Above: The 'business' side of Midsomer Norton South. Was this photograph taken in 1961 or 50 years later, in 2011? A decade ago, few would have hoped to see this station restored to such condition. Even the signalman's greenhouse and garden have been restored. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)
Above: The S&DRHT's English Electric industrial locomotive, D1120, waits for the road prior to moving a brake van and a few wagons south on the line towards Chilcompton. This is another scene that railway enthuasists thought they might never live to see – a standard gauge train on part of the S&D. 24th September 2011. (Jeff Vinter)