Spring Comes to the South. In April and May 2013, two of our members were out and about on some of the old railways of Hampshire as the days began to lengthen. These are their photographs …

Above: This disused rail-over-road bridge just south of East Tisted station carries the trackbed of the former Meon Valley line over Shell Lane at grid reference SU 697314. 26th April 2014. (Brian Loughlin)

Above: This is the beautifully preserved East Tisted station at SU 707323 seen from the public highway. Most of the stations on this rural byway were built in the same delightful style, which was clearly influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement. A few stations to this design still remain in use the national rail network, including Worplesdon in Surrey and Wareham in Dorset. 26th April 2014. (Brian Loughlin)
Above: The view north along the former trackbed from the road-over-rail bidge at SU 707323. The railway carriage was brought to the site about 20 years ago by a former owner, a railway enthusiast doctor who also stored a small steam locomotive under the bridge on which the photographer is standing; we do not know what became of this. The extension to the station house – look for the brightly tiled roof – has been built over part of the platform. 26th April 2014. (Brian Loughlin)
Above: A view along the forrmer trackbed north of East Tisted, which is now a well used permissive path. The damp conditions underfoot bring to mind the extremely wet winter of 2013-14. 26th April 2014. (Brian Loughlin)
Above: The former LSWR line between Salisbury and West Moors has been in the news recently thanks to the creation of a trackbed-based trail through Breamore which just stops at Burgate Cross (SU 154163) on the A338 north of Fordingbridge. On the south side of Fordingbridge, between the villages of Lower Burgate and Ashford, a short length of public footpath runs along the railway formation, finishing at this bridge at SU 141148. 2nd May 2014. (Tim Chant)
Above: This is the next bridge down the line – and just in Dorset – located at SU 132141; the footpath leading to it starts from Ashford Road, in Ashford village, at SU 135140. The bridge is about 100 yards to the right of the footpath as you head west, just where the path joins the old trackbed. The railway here has been ploughed out, leaving the bridge looking as though it were a 19th century folly crossing a grassy field. 2nd May 2014. (Tim Chant)
Above: This is Whitchurch North station on the former Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway. The building, in the DNSR's characteristic country cottage style, is seen from the railway path which runs alongside this part of the trackbed. 19th May 2014. (Brian Loughlin)